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    Dr. Alan Bernstein

    “The results of the Pathways in ASD study will
    help guide the development of new programs
    and interventions to maximize the likelihood of
    a positive transition to school”.

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    Hon. Judith Seidman

    “The Pathways in ASD study is a one-of-a-kind collaborative research study that focuses on understanding how children with ASD grow and develop over time...”.

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    Mr. Colin Carrie

    “The results of the Pathways in ASD study will
    be a valuable resource in ensuring the best
    outcomes for children with ASD...”.

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    Canada’s Top Researchers are
    Beating a Path to Help Children
    with Autism Realize Their Full Potential

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on the path - newsletter

On the Path – A newsletter developed to inform families, researchers and public policy makers about the "Pathways in ASD" study.



  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Autism Speaks
  • Government of British Columbia
  • Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research
  • Sinneave Family Foundation
  • Mr. John Mayberry


Autism Speaks: Toolkits

Autism Speaks:  Manuals and Tool Kits

CAIRN: Canadian Autism Intervention Research Network

By gaining a better idea of what contributes to healthy outcomes for these children, we will be able to guide the development of new policies, programs and interventions that will optimize strengths and reduce the burden of suffering for children with ASD and their families.

Dr. Peter Szatmari
(Study Principal Investigator)

Participating academic/research institutions

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