As we head into Phase III of the
Pathways in ASD Study, a new website is under construction that will provide information and updates for participants, policy makers, and practitioners interested in ASD. We’ll also describe new ways of gathering and using data to better the lives of families affected by the condition.

So, stay tuned for the new Pathways in ASD vision!

Pathways Investigators and Site Contacts

Dr. Peter Szatmari, National Lead

Edmonton: Drs. Joanne Volden and Lonnie Zwaigenbaum
Contact: Erin Kapler (Erin.Kapler@albertahealthservices.ca)

Halifax: Dr. Isabel Smith
Contact: Jennifer Fox (Jennifer.fox@iwk.nshealth.ca)

Hamilton: Drs. Terry Bennett, Eric Duku, and Stelios Georgiades
Contact: Bev DaSilva (dasilvb@mcmaster.ca)

Montreal: Dr. Mayada Elsabbagh
Contact: Tal Savion-Lemieux (tal.savion-lemieux@muhc.mcgill.ca)

Ottawa: Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt

Toronto: Dr. Wendy Ungar

Vancouver: Drs. Pat Mirenda and Charlotte Waddell
Contact: Dr. Pat Mirenda (pat.mirenda@ubc.ca)

Pathways Project Coordinator: Mike Chalupka (chalum@mcmaster.ca)